Friday, October 25, 2013

More patches

Well the patches are real kewl.  here are some of the ones I've done. So far they've shipped to the UK, Australia, Canada, PA, SC, FL.

Lime Green with Dark Red Wings.

Gee, I've got to make one for MY vest LOL...

One comrade from the UK has ordered a vest and is having it shipped to me so I can embroider designs onto it. (another is shipping a jacket fro my jacket design) ...He asked for the design below, which was designed by the forum and is used throughout.  They make hats, and what not.  Well, The request was for a back patch - those are in the 8" range.  So... I gave it a shot and went in and redrew it into my digitizing software, and made the design into a stitching design! I was floored that it actually came out looking exactly like the logo! I'm still amazed every time i look at it!  I'm actually stitching one of those out right now for someone, blogging while it's running. Next I need to practice the silhouette fury design - see if I can draw that one into the program.  When I showed DH and told him I was so amazed at what i did - he said "I'm not" saying he knew all along I could do it.  He's my biggest champion.  He thinks I can do anything :)  Check this out:

To this:

The one I'm making now is white skull with blue wings (Fury Blue). It's coming out nicely. 75 minutes into already. About another 1/2 hour to go-ish, if no snags. :)

Then the guy who had the FURY with wings asked for the skull/wings in Lime Green and Dark red.  That really looks killer in person. Will stitch that up next actually

Well that's all for now!



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