Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Embroidered Sweatshirts

Well, had to get a sweatshirt going as well.  Did you expect anything less from me??? :)  So, I had gone to JA's to get some hat blanks, they only had the one, but the sweatshirts and long sleeve t's were on sale, so picked up a few of those for embroidery. First of all I had to have a bike one, but what design? so i combed through all the design files I already had and came across two. so i put them together to make the one design Love to Ride.  I had to modify the biker chick.  It's amazing how you learn as you grow, because i bought that design maybe a year or longer ago, and never used it because the lips on the chick looked like duck lips! they were huge! Not realizing all it took was a second to fix that in my design program! LOL. coz the design is really cute other than that flaw.  So I did that of course :) and went onward.  So I put the two designs together and decided to put it on my gray sweatshirt.  I had a business trip to attend and those things the conference rooms can get chilly, so it's nice to have a sweatshirt and be toasty.  Plus show off my embroidery to a few folks who know I embroider, and then show off my bike enthusiasm to others. And photo enthusiasm as you see in the second one.  Here is the gray Sweatshirt.

and the 2nd one in red:

So that's it for Now...

I'm working on a comrade's vest from the UK, some patches for them also.



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